Welcome to the Missouri Quality Outcomes (MOQO) Talking Point Series!

The 'MOQO Talking Points Series' is a collection of short videos containing general information intended for people with disabilities and their family members, as well as interested support professionals.

The series,  produced in a collaboration between University of Missouri Institute for Human Development and the Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities, Office of Quality Enhancement (QE), presents an overview of the data found in the corresponding print-based Missouri Quality Outcome (MOQO) Report series.


The principles of the Missouri Quality Outcomes will be used to ensure that people with disabilities are supported in leading a self-determined life. These principles include values, choice, health, safety, inclusion and self advocacy.

Ep. 5: Missouri Quality Outcome: Daily Life & Employment

To view and/or print the full MOQO and You Series report on Daily Life and Employment from the Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities, click here to access the PDF: https://dmh.mo.gov/media/pdf/moqo-you-daily-living-employment-report

Check out all the MOQO and You Series, a series of reports on the Quality Outcome Domains and statistics – Real data from the Division and YOU!

To view and access all the prior 'AT-a-Glance' reports and their data, visit: https://dmh.mo.gov/dev-disabilities/quality-enhancement/national-core-indicators

Thanks for watching this episode: The Missouri Quality Outcomes Talking Points Series, Episode 5: DAILY LIFE AND EMPLOYMENT.

MOQO Talking Points Video Series

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This program is partially funded by the Administration for Community Living (ACL),
 Grant #: 90DNIQ0007-001-00, through the Projects of National Significance (PNS) program.